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About Courtesy Auto Body

In business since 1974, Courtesy Auto Body services Portland Oregon and the surrounding counties. Over the years we have gathered a large repeat business clientele and continue to service new clients on referrals from happy past customers.

We are affiliated with many insurance companies and participate in their insurance programs. While we maintain a good working relationship with insurance companies, remember that we work with the companies on your behalf; your best interest is our first priority! With any repair done by Courtesy Auto Body you will receive a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We are also a member of the preferred vender network for service of fleet vehicles, servicing many major companies throughout Oregon. Our office personnel has been servicing Courtesy Auto Body for over 35 years combined and are familiar with all elements of the auto body repair and insurance processes.

Our technicians combined add another 27 years of service and education to further benefit our customers. Our staff can help you understand the insurance procedures and guide you along in the process of repairing your auto after and accident. We want to make a stressful situation more pleasant for you.

If you have any further questions about the repair process or insurance claim inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call as we enjoy the opportunity to serve you!

Important Insurance Information

In the State of Oregon, you have the right to select the auto collision repair facility of your choice. This is a law and it is in place because insurance companies build relationships with "chosen shops" to use cheaper used junk parts. Insurance companies will very strongly recommend one of there "preferred shops" so that there is control over how much is spent on your repair and what parts are used. Insurance companies will dictate to the shop how much to write the estimate for, how much to charge and which parts will be used in the repair process of your auto. Although many insurance companies have direct repair programs and push their customers in that direction, please know that YOU HAVE A CHOICE of where you get your vehicle repaired. Just because a shop is not part of a particular program does not mean that you will receive lower quality work or no guarantee.

It is not legal for an insurance company to require that you take your business to any particular auto collision repair facility. Although they can "recommend" some auto body shops, the insurance adjusters CANNOT REQUIRE you to use a specific repair facility or to select from a list of their "preferred" shops. That is a practice called "steering", and if you take exception to it, you can report the adjuster to your state insurance commissioner.

For a fair, honest auto collision repair quote, call the professional at Courtesy Auto Body and your repair will be done right, the first time!